Release 2023-06-13

OS4X 3 Release 2023-06-13 can be downloaded online from the website, the OS4Xvirtual images and the Docker containers are updated.

Current changes are:

    • OS4X adminstrative webinterface:
      • βŠ• New: Automatic separation of Mercedes Benz AG and Daimler Truck AG at the push of a button (please only do this after June 16, 2023) in the Welcome tab of the admin interface
      • ↑ Optimized: We now throw confetti as a reward for license renewal via admin click! πŸŽ‰
    • OS4X Core:
      • βŠ• Optimized: Cosmetic change in error message handling in system log (elimination of two bullets).
    • OS4X Enterprise:
      • βŠ• New: New text template variable „JOB_SHARE_EMAIL_LIST“ available.
      • βŠ• New: In job sharing, instant shared jobs can now be restarted after each new sharing (very helpful for collecting information about the current releases via email, see above).
      • βŠ• New: You can now explicitly search for a job in the job panels and jump to its details („Jump to job“ button).

As the latest version of OS4X available, we recommend to update to this version as fast as possible.