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Support order


We offer the following support options in addition to the regular service and update support. If you need instant support, this is the best way to order.

Requested reaction time This is the time you want to have a reaction from us. A reaction is defined as the situation that we have accepted your issue, start working on it and give feedback to you. It does not mean that the issue will be solved in this timeframe, since there are many parameters we cannot influence (i.e. external partner availability, network issues etc.). Under normal conditions, we will solve all problems within a very short time, usually within a few hours, sometimes even minutes. This definition is only our security.

Maximum solution time: This is the maximum time (in hours) we spend on your issue. You will be informed if the maximum time is reached, so you can decide to invest more time into the solving process or not.

Desired contact method: We would like to contact you the most direct way possible, so we can react fast. Telephone contact is prefered, but others may apply, too.

What happens after submitting the form: Our automatic ticket system creates a ticket with the given SLA (see "reaction time" above). You will be contacted by a support staff member as fast as possible, where all details will be discussed. The automatic ticket system supports escalations, so if your ticket has not started within the half of the reaction timeframe, the operating management takes care your case gets a higher priority.

What if my reaction time is missed: You only pay for what you get, so if you i.e. request a 4h reaction time, but unfortunately we answer after 6h, you only pay for the 8h SLA. The nearest possible SLA is taken into account.

What if my support option already covers the 2 weeks request: In this case you don't have to pay anything.

What if a bug in OS4X causes the problem: Then you don't have to pay anything. The bug will be fixed as soon as possible and a software update will be released.


The service level agreements defines the following timeframes:

4 hours: This timeframe is available at 24/7/365, in words: every day of the year, every hour possible without limitations.

8 hours: Also entitled as "one business day", this timeframe is defined for the timeframe starting at 9.00am GMT+1 until 5.00pm GMT+1, starting from monday (start of the week) until friday (last day of the working week). German public holidays are excluded (i.e. New Years Day, Easter monday etc.).

2 weeks: This timeframe is defined for 14 days between monday and friday (also known as working week) with business hours starting from 9.00am GMT+1 until 5.00pm GMT+1. These 14 days include also Saturday and Sunday (on which no reaction is available), so 14 days starting at monday end up at the monday after 14 calendar days, 14 days after saturday end at the monday 16 days later.

Support prices

The calculation unit for support is 15 minutes.
In case your ticket has started within the requested reaction timeframe, the pricing for the used timeframe is:

2 weeks: 35,00 € per 15 minutes (equals 140,00 € per hour)
8 hours / one business day: 50,00 € per 15 minutes (equals 200,00 € per hour)
4 hours: 75,00 € per 15 minutes (equals 300,00 € per hour)

In case your ticket has not started within the requested reaction timeframe, the nearest SLA takes place (order: 4h -> 8h -> 2 weeks). Support time is 9:00am CE(S)T until 5:00pm CE(S)T during weekdays (monday until friday, excluding german national holidays). According to prior agreement, support outside of this timeframe is possible for an extra charge.