Release 2020-06-23

OS4X 3 Release 2020-06-23 can be downloaded online from the website, the OS4Xvirtual images and the Docker containers are updated. Current changes are:

  • OS4X Enterprise:
    • New template variable „JOBCOMMENT_HTML“ for job comment in HTML format.
    • Filemove plugin: Enhancement in recognition of size differences and problems with restarts of job; also bugfix when having an empty configuration (incoming & outgoing directory are now properly identifed).
    • Bugfix when creating new job invitations (via „ExtUpload“).
  • OS4Xvirtual:
    • New nice info screen on the first virtual console.
  • OS4X Core:
    • Optional cleanup of expired trusted certificates.
  • Administrative  web interface:
    • Enhanced error view of the OS4Xapi when the Apache FPM CGI module is being used.
    • Check and display of expiring or expired trusted certificates.
    • The list of usable plugin groups after creation is now application-wide available, a reload of the website is not necessary any more.

As the latest version of OS4X available, we recommend to update to this version as fast as possible.