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Why OFTP2?

OFTP2 offers a lot of features other transmission protocols don't provide. Some of these features are:

  • File resuming: After an abort, the transmission of a file can restart at the last transfer position.
  • Security: OFTP2 offers a lot of security options other protocols don't provide. In addition to session encryption (SSL/TLS), the protocol offers a secure bidirectional authentification option, file encryption & signing, an integrated compression method and signed end-to-end responses.
  • File size: Transmitted files can have a maximum file size of 88 PetaBytes (PB), which is as enormous as 90,949 TeraByte (TB) or 93,132,257 GigaBytes (GB).
  • End-to-end response: The receiver of a file sends a notification to the sender (possibly asynchronously) to indicate that the file has been received and processed locally.
  • File addressing: Target and originator IDs indicate from whom to who the file shall be transmitted.
  • Batch mode: OFTP2 is designed to work in a fully unmoderated and automated environment.
  • Bidirectional communication support: Both endpoints can send and receive files and other information in the same session. This way, you can provide files for remote partners (i.e. to minimize transfer costs) or contact your partner in order to check if files or information are ready for collection.
  • Backward compatibility: OFTP2 has been designed to be downward compatible with OFTP1, so you will be able to communicate with OFTP1 partners as well.

Offering all these features, OFTP2 has been selected by thousands of professional communication partners as the de-facto standard for global secure data exchange. Since OFTP2 is data-independent, it offers the reliable transmission of all types of data, such as big CAD files, small EDI transmissions and others.

Why OS4X?

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