Release 2022-06-27

OS4X 3 Release 2022-04-27 can be downloaded online from the website, the OS4Xvirtual images and the Docker containers are updated.

Current changes are:

  • OS4X Core:
    • ↑ Fixed: Partner list is reloaded from an external location after a parameter change.
    • ↑ Fixed: Substation parameters are minimized when editing a partner.
    • ↑ Optimized: When fetching a new software update, you can optionally land directly in the receive queue (instead of the send logs).
  • ExtUpload:
    • ↑ Fixed: Restored PHP 7.0 compatibility for Job Invitations (previously required PHP 7.4).
  • OS4X Enterprise:
    • ↑ Fixed: Corrected the configuration of the plugin „forward“.
    • ↑ Optimized: In the job details, the send logs (to improve performance) are displayed without a vault by default. This can be added with a button to include the Send Log Vault information.

As the latest version of OS4X available, we recommend to update to this version as fast as possible.