Release 2022-02-22

OS4X 3 Release 2022-02-22 can be downloaded online from the website, the OS4Xvirtual images and the Docker containers are updated.

Current changes are:

  • OS4X Core:
    • ↑ Optimized: Unsuccessful incoming connections are now logged together with the initiating IP address.
    • ↑ Optimized: The „bad file descriptor“ message is now also ignored in Directory Scanner with deactivated logging for system errors.
  • OS4X Docker:
    • ↑ Optimized: A temporary directory for phpMyAdmin is created dynamically at startup.
  • OS4X Enterprise:
    • ↑ Fixed: ENGDAT-Light addressee definition works again.
    • ↑ Optimized: Undefined email addresses no longer lead to an error in the email template plugin.
  • OS4X Admin-Interface:
    • ↑ Fixed: When saving special certificate import rules, they are now cleaned up correctly when they are deactivated.
    • ↑ Optimized: Nicer icons for non-running daemons.
    • ↑ Optimized: Loading mask for OFTP2 configuration parameters (useful for slow web servers).
    • ↑ Optimized: Unknown XML nodes in job detail display are now provided with an icon.
  • OS4X Webaccess:
    • ↑ Fixed: Windows 10/11 toast messages („bottom right“) are displayed correctly again and processed when clicked.
    • ↑ Fixed: „Share“ functionality disabled where configured as not active.
    • ↑ Optimized: Updated to latest Electron version (NodeJS, Chromium and other frameworks).
    • ↑ Optimized: If the username is pre-filled, the focus will automatically jump to the password field (thus saving a click).
    • ↑ Optimized: Deactivation of support for the old NPAPI interface, which browsers have not supported for years. Anyone who needs the functionality must update to the Electron client 6.3.
    • ↑ Optimized: Email addresses for inviting links with domain names longer than 6 characters are accepted as valid (e.g. for new TLDs like „.blockchain“).

As the latest version of OS4X available, we recommend to update to this version as fast as possible.