Release 2024-05-06

OS4X 3 Release 2024-05-06 can be downloaded online from the website, the OS4Xvirtual images and the Docker containers are updated.

Current changes are:

  • OS4X Core:
    • New: Configurable Boost-Modus for the send queue daemon: this allows a massive number of parallel OFTP2 sessions to be created.
    • ↑ Optimized: The directory scanner now processes existing files based on age, sorted in ascending order (with modern file systems such as ZFS, Ext4 etc. with nanosecond precision). The previous sorting was alphanumeric.
  • OS4X AS2/AS4:
    • ↑ Optimized: AS2 and AS4 URLs can now be longer than 255 characters.
  • Administrative web interface:
    • New: For directories that are not available, the mount can now be re-mounted at the push of a button (assuming the OS4X Enterprise Client Daemon is running):

As the latest version of OS4X available, we recommend to update to this version as fast as possible.