Release 2021-07-21

OS4X 3 Release 2021-07-21 can be downloaded online from the website, the OS4Xvirtual images and the Docker containers are updated.

With this release we bring three major changes:

  • There is no longer a “Home Edition”: local ISDN cards are no longer supported with immediate effect. If you still need to use local ISDN cards, please contact us.
  • DB2 is no longer supported. Since the DB2 version has not been downloaded and requested for a long time, we are deactivating this support. If you still need DB2, please contact us.
  • We expect a new environment as soon as possible: glibc 2.19 (instead of glibc 2.4 from 2006). This is available from Debian 8, please ensure this until the next OS4X release. Debian 8 is no longer supported as of June 2018. OS4X will show the no longer supported operating systems in the admin area „Possible configuration problems“.

Current changes are:

  • OS4X Webaccess:
    • ⊕ New: New send jobs can now be sent even if file uploads are still in progress. Processing is then carried out in the background.
  • OS4X Core:
    • ⊕ New: New configuration added to eliminate messages „host is down“ (e.g. for planned offline times such as backups).
    • ⊕ New: The IP address for outgoing connections can now be set (globally and can be overwritten per partner), as can the incoming IP address.
  • OS4X AS2:
    • ↑ Improved: Partner administration with deactivated input fields..
  • OS4X administrative web interface:
    • ⊕ New: The user of the executing daemons is checked whether it is the same as the web server user.
    • ↑ Improved:The „Dry-Run“ window of directory scanners can no longer be edited.
    • ↑ Fixed: Compatibility with PostgreSQL regarding EERP queue.

As the latest version of OS4X available, we recommend to update to this version as fast as possible.