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Running OS4X on a Raspberry Pi!

We offer a free Raspberry Pi SD card image (usable for any Raspberry Pi model) containing everything you need to get started with OS4X. Just write the image on a SD card (minimum required: 4GB) and get started.

Suitable for every Raspberry Pi model, even the Zero (which costs less than 12$). You just need networking in order to get the device up and running.

Full functionality in a small device!

With all OS4X Enterprise functionalities and the flexibility of Linux, you can achieve a fitting OS4X environment for your needs. Benefit from features like network integration for filesystems, authentication etc., and enjoy great functionalities like support of other protocols (beside OFTP2, such as SCP/(S)FTP, WebDAV, email and more).

Great performance!

Despite all doubt, OS4X is running great on the Raspberry Pi, offering a powerful solution for all automated data transmissions. All plugins are fully functional in this environment, and even better: you can benefit of all automatisms like software updates in a very short time, own configurable plugins, scripting etc.

Target audience

OFTPi is a ready-to-run solution for anybody, including:

  • Customers who need an OFTP2 solution instantly.
  • Testers who want to verify if OS4X works in their environment.
  • Customers who don't to fulfill all system requirements in a separate installation.
  • Quick-start customers for a fast entry to OFTP2 and automated data transmissions.

Main features

This Raspberry Pi image contains the following features:

  • Standard Raspbian OS with latest updates.
  • All system requirements fulfilled for OS4X.
  • Latest installation of OS4X, ready to start with the configuration wizard.
  • Webmin: web-based system administration (i.e. for mounting filesystems, setting up networking, manage users and authentification etc.).
  • Ready to connect to ISDN network via RemoteCAPI devices.