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What is AS2?

AS2 is a transmission protocol for EDI messages that is widely used in the logistics sector. Since it communicates via HTTP(S), this protocol can usually be easily integrated into existing system environments. AS2 thus supports the secure exchange of data over the Internet. The files can be signed and / or encrypted.

Supported standard

OS4X supports all necessary standards: http, https, sending and receiving of native data, signed, encrypted, optionally compressed. All necessary algorithms are supported, as well as adjustments to special situations that other (non-conforming) systems raise. Synchronous and asynchronous acknowledgments of receipt complete the full functionality.

Familiar processes

OS4X offers a connection for all situations as you are used to:

  • Extremely high stability
  • Automated dispatch via send queue (with error handling)
  • Events for all situations
  • Own daemon with integrated web server (no third-party software required) with minimal resource consumption
  • Connection to the integrated certificate management (with expiry reminder, etc.)
  • Usual high quality logging and debugging
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